Dogs in general love to tug, chew and chase a tossed object. It’s in their nature. It was by quite accident that Loopsies came about the way they did. Our dogs Rasmus and Jasmin at the time loved what had happen in a cutting fabric venture miss que. Next thing we knew our dogs where infatuated with these items. Now over the next few years Loopsies has involved into what you see today. Made out of a industrial strength fabric, that is non-toxic, 100% cotton, which just so happens to be woven tighly ( key to what makes Loopseies what it is) in a way that makes Loppsies not only strong but durable, in fact if you where to cut this materiel, (no you’re not going to be able to tear this) in one place you will not really be effecting the rest of it.. Since it is cotton this also makes Loopsies not only safe to digest if this happens, but also makes this able to be thrown into the washing machine if so desired. Which of course is a good thing if you’re not wanting to buy another one at the moment.

We have put a lot of thought and heart into testing, making sure there is no danger to your pet when used properly. Simple in design, yet has such a huge impact when playing with your pet. Loopsies can be thrown, tossed, play tug-o-war, be used as a chew toy or what ever else you can come up with. Loopsies can be made into two individual loops, talk about a teaser, or one with the twist of a wrist. How many times can you reinvent your curent dog toy? Yes, there may be others out there that might be viewed as simular, but when it comes right down to it, there is only one Loopsies!

The most fun your dog can have…